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Welcome to Sean's Website !

It is the first website of my life so I hope that you will enjoy it !
Have fun !

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****Please, sign my guestbook for encourage me !****
I will be very happy of your comments.
***Je sait que il y a beaucoup de personne en francais qui viens ici.*** 
***Vous pouvons signer en votre langue et je comprends!  Merci pour les encouragements!***

Updates :
2003/06/24 : A new song of mine added in Maracas' Lessons and sounds section.
The lyrics are in this section.  I wrote this song with my heart and my soul
so I hope that you will listen my song!
My favorite guitarist, Jack, found a cool riff and me and my kids are singing!
A new section called "Parody with the word "fart" and others".

2003/06/22 : New Animated Gifs... Now 2 pages of Animated Gifs!!!
2003/06/21 : A new link added.
2003/06/13 : A new Free Webset with Fred Durst.
2003/06/12 : A new Animated Gif, and 3 new sounds in Maracas' Lessons and sounds' section.
And two new links!

2003/06/11 : A new Courtney Love's free webset.  It's very cool !
And in Stationery, a new about Courtney love!!

2003/06/09 : 3 new animated gifs added.
2003/06/08 : Sounds added in Maracas' Lessons, a new webset, new animated gifs and new pictures in Pictures Gallery.

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